Fire Bellows

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Hand Made Fire Bellows

Morgan Bellows are handmade in a variety of sizes and styles. Our extensive range of fire bellows are all very efficient, producing plenty of puff while also adding distinctive charm and style to your fireside or wood-burning stove.

Rekindling flames from a lack-lustre fire is a wonderfully therapeutic experience producing miraculous results. When it comes to fireside accessories, bellows are the most vital!

The enduring appeal of these classic styles is immediately apparent to those who appreciate high quality craftsmanship.

Our fireside bellows are skillfully made from kiln dried ash. The traditional bellows are stained in a medium depth walnut shade which compliments most decors. The wood can also be left simply natural.

The painted bellows are very popular and are perhaps our ‘flagship’ style, the ones that launched our business 40 years ago. They look smart either plain or embellished with a handpainted design of your choice. They¬† are made from a British hardwood.

The leather is cowhide, dyed in a choice of five colours: brown, black, dark blue, dark green or burgundy. Please contact us if you would like a sample. Nothing compares to its luxurious look and feel. The nozzles are available in brass, matt black or brushed steel with matching studs.

PERSONALISED FIREPLACE BELLOWS make wonderful wedding presents or gifts to mark a special occasion for anyone who has, or plans to have, a fireplace or woodburning stove. If you have something very different in mind we can also discuss your requirements for a pair of bespoke fire bellows.

And as perfect PRESENTS FOR MEN,  Morgan Bellows provide the ideal solution to an age-old headache.

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