Morgan Bellows - hand made fire bellows.
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Personalised Bellows


If  you are looking for something very unique and special as a present or for your own home this is a great opportunity!

Painted Initials

Initials can be added to any of the bellows while  crests, monograms, logos  etc can further enhance the painted ones. Initials are painted in copperplate script, interlinked if more than one. If necessary, please instruct us on layout at the checkout page when ordering. We can also add dates.

Gold or silver paint is normally used in designs on the painted bellows. If you do not have anything particular in mind the classic thistle design is an elegant option. Everything is hand painted and the finish is not too bright or flashy.

Painted Crest

For crests we do have Fairbairns Book of Crests for Britain and Ireland but prefer you to supply us with something to copy.

On the plain wooden bellows we use Times Roman style for carving the initials. Carving works much better than paint on these as the wood grain tends to overpower the painted design. The carved initial can be gilded if desired.